photo by Fer Juaristi

photo by Fer Juaristi


Hi, we're Brideen and Deci, the husband wife team behind Simple Tapestry Wedding Photography. 

We love the excitement, romance, beauty, and unpredictability that every wedding brings with it. Wedding photography allows us to be creative, and that's when we're happiest :) 

For us, Simple Tapestry is about finding and photographing the connection & warmth between people. Celebrating the extraordinary days and the ordinary days in between.

photo by Fer Juaristi

photo by Fer Juaristi

we're most comfortable PHOTOGRAPHING OUTSIDE of our comfort zone...

We thrive on challenging ourselves as wedding photographers, and love trying new things and seeing new places.  Belfast, Northern Ireland is home, but photography has taken us to loads of different places - we love exploring other countries and cultures. So, no matter where you're having your wedding, or how different it may be, please get in touch.

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I never had a career in mind, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do something creative and challenging. I started by selling my art prints on Etsy while developing my skills as a photographer.

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I love photographing the changes that the seasons bring - the shapes, shadows, colours & light. There is so much beauty in ordinary, everyday things.


There’s always a moment during Photographing a wedding when I realise why I'm doing this job and how much I love it.

Photos are little reminders of happy days in our lives, important milestones, time spent with family and friends. I love that photography allows us to relive those memories and feelings of joy.

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I can still remember telling Brideen how much I hated wedding photography. I seen it as boring and formulaic - something that couples dread on their wedding day.

This was, of course, before she invited me to shoot a wedding with her...

I was immediately hooked on the emotion, the drama and the chaos of it all.

As a photographer it's a challenge and an adrenaline rush, as well as an opportunity to create something beautiful that will quite possibly remain after I'm gone.

When I don't have a camera in my hand, I'm a musician and DJ. When producing music, I can spend weeks and sometimes months trying to finish a simple 4 minute piece of music. Photography is really different.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT Photography IS THAT IT'S amazingly immediate.

I love the feelings, emotions and thoughts provoked by just one single, simple frame that takes just a hundredth of a second to capture. That's so special.

I'm a music and film nut, and happy to chat endlessly about both.  

I love working alongside Brideen. Her creativity and energy inspires me. Every time we photograph a couple we're pushing, and encouraging each other to become better photographers.

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This is WHAT we do 

Our shooting style is always very relaxed.

We like to capture things as they unfold; documenting if we can help it, without interfering.

We approach every wedding day with a fresh outlook, and get absorbed in the personality of your wedding.  

We will be there both as professionals but also as friends - all we need in return is your trust. We give some gentle direction during your wedding portraits, should you need it, but ultimately we like to keep things as natural as possible. 

All photographs on our site are from real weddings and real couple/engagement shoots. Check out our blog to get a feel for our photography style.

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