We always planned to have a two-part honeymoon - a small one straight after our wedding in September, and a bigger one later.  The weather here in September was so uncharacteristically great that we decided to stay in Ireland for part one.  As we were shooting a wedding in Cork after our own we chose to take a very slow trip there via the west coast of Ireland.

While exploring around the vast, rugged countryside and traversing roads that were created with horses in mind, we found ourselves wishing we had a couple to photograph against this gorgeous backdrop.  It took a lot longer than you'd think (we're talking hours) for it to click that a) we are a couple and b) we had all our photo gear with us (for the wedding) and therefore the means to just photograph ourselves.... extreme selfies!

The result is... well, we can let you draw your own conclusions.  For us it brings back all sorts of great memories and triggers emotions ranging from happiness to cringe... and everything in between.  

honeymoon Part 2 will be next year... all we have to do is find somewhere as beautiful as Ireland...