Got questions? Of course, you do - planning a wedding isn't easy after all. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get along with the answers. If there's anything we've missed out, just ask. 

Can I see a portfolio or a couple of examples of complete albums to make sure I’m happy with your style?
Yes, of course. While we are very protective of our clients' privacy, some of our couples have very graciously given consent for us to show their full wedding galleries. 

Can our florist/stylist/hairdresser/venue use the photos on their instagram/website?
They can, of course. All we ask in return is they give us an image credit and a link back to our website. Likewise, we always endeavour to link to suppliers when we share photos online. 

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Are you able to shoot our wedding in the style that we want?
We think it's essential that couples choose a photographer that suits their tastes and style. From looking through our galleries, instagram and blog you can get a good sense of what our style is like and whether it matches yours. If you book us, we will assume that our style is what you want. 

Do you take photos in black&white, colour, or both?
All our pictures are shot in RAW format which is colour by default. We then process them to get that unique simple tapestry look. Some photos will be processed in colour and others in Black and white based on what we feel works best. 

Do you work from a shot list?
While we will pre-plan formal family/friends shots on a list, we operate much better when not restricted to a general shot-list. We find that time spent trying to tick off shots on a pre-prepared list could result in genuine, beautiful moments being missed. So minute-by-minute shot lists aren't necessary and could actually be a hindrance to us. Remember, you're paying for our experience and ability - trust us. 

Can you cover groom preparations?
We love capturing groom preparations and try our best to do so. As we only have one car, if the groom is getting ready far away from the bride this sometimes isn't possible. To ensure we can cover groom prep, it's a good idea to get ready within a 20-minute drive of each other, or even in the same place if possible. 

 What are the advantages of two wedding photographers? Should I book two wedding photographers? Two wedding photographers.

We don't see any family formal shots on your website. Do you take these?
Yes! We think these are important and make sure to devote some time to take them. If there are any must-have group shots just let us know beforehand and we'll take them.

Would you be able to accommodate any ideas we may have in mind?
Absolutely.  We love input and ideas - a lot of our couples are creative, artistic people and it excites us when they have cool ideas.

How many pictures can we expect to get?
We guarantee a minimum of 500 photographs, but in reality, we usually deliver around 700 or more depending on the type of coverage booked. 

Do you charge a flat fee or work by the hour?
We charge a flat fee. Sometimes a shorter wedding is more intensive work and we'll shoot as many photos as a longer wedding and spend as long editing the wedding afterwards.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
We limit ourselves to around 35 weddings a year. That way we can give all our couples the utmost attention and avoid the wedding fatigue that high-volume wedding photographers experience. 

How do you justify charging that price for one day's work?
We understand that it might seem that way, but the price you pay isn't for one day's work. It covers admin before and after the wedding as well as days of processing and retouching the photos before delivering them to you. Each wedding adds up to around 5-6 days work. And remember, it's wages for two people working. It also has to cover all of our expenses. This includes eye-watering photography equipment costs (we upgrade equipment every 3 years), insurance and PLI, website hosting, gallery hosting, software subscriptions, online storage, offline storage/hard drives, memory cards, custom USBs, photo prints, camera servicing costs, computers, software, office costs, travel costs, utilities, postage and packaging, and training and education (we often attend photography conferences and are not ashamed to say we're always learning new things). Finally, HM government take their chunk in the form of taxes and National insurance. What's left is a justifiable but not excessive wage. 

Another photographer has said they can do our wedding for £1000, can you match that?
Sadly, we can't. To do so we would have to drastically cut corners. We would buy cheaper equipment and maybe not have backup cameras and lenses. We might have to work as solo shooters on your wedding rather than as a duo. We would have to shoot more weddings to earn a wage, and therefore would have less time to edit and retouch our images potentially resulting in lesser quality. And shooting more weddings could leave us with less energy to do a brilliant job at your wedding. Remember, your photographs are an investment - they'll be one of the few things you pay for that will be with you for the duration of your marriage and you won't have a chance to have them taken again.

Our ceremony isn’t until 3pm and our reception is at 5.30pm , can we have a discount?

Having less time between the ceremony and reception doesn’t mean we have less work to do, in fact it can make our job more difficult. We will still take roughly the same amount of photos and have to cover the same things, but we just have to work much more quickly with less flexibility to account for any lateness, mishaps or weather issues. Regardless of the ceremony time, we will have the same amount of work to do before, during and after the wedding and will be giving your wedding the same attention and care as any other we shoot. It is for this reason we charge per wedding rather than per hour.

Another photographer has said they can include an album for free. Can you do this?
Unfortunately, no. We use one of the most respected companies in Europe to produce our Fine Art albums and as a result, they are expensive even at cost-price. We wouldn't like to give away an inferior quality wedding album that will not stand the test of time.

We don't want a USB stick, can we just download our images straight from the web?
Yes, of course. You can download the high-resolution images straight from your gallery with a special key code that you will be given.  Just let us know if you'd rather not have a USB. 

You shot our wedding 6 years ago but we lost the USB. Do you still have a copy of our photos?
We guarantee to hold your images for 1 year so we urge you to back them up several times online and offline in a safe place (and print them). We try to keep copies indefinitely but cannot guarantee they will be stored forever. 

Can we have all the unedited RAW files that you take?
Sorry, but no. We edit and deliver all the usable, good images that we take. The rejected images include those particularly unflattering to you or your guests, or where focus has been missed. Trust us, you don't want those images. Curation is a massively important part of our job.

Do you know the venue, and if not are you prepared to travel there before the wedding to familiarise yourself with it?
We often photograph weddings in venues (and countries!) that we've never been to before. If anything, its much more exciting and interesting that way. Where the timings on the day don't allow us to scout ahead, yes, we often visit a venue beforehand. 

Do you charge for travel?
In the island of Ireland, travel within 2 hours of Belfast is free. Beyond this we charge a set rate for travel/accommodation where necessary.

Do you shoot destination weddings?
Yes, we've shot in nearly a dozen different countries. We love to travel and have a flat rate for destination weddings anywhere in Europe, so you don't have to worry about sorting out our flights and accommodation. We can provide custom quotes for destination weddings further afield. 

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Can we meet you before the wedding?
Yes, of course! Lets go for a coffee/tea/pint! If you don't live in Ireland, you can get us on Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype.

Do you shoot same-sex weddings?
Yes, of course! We would never discriminate against a couple on any grounds. 

Should we hire a wedding videographer?
If it's something you truly want, then yes. But if you think you'll never watch it, save your money. We're happy to offer recommendations should you need them.

Do we need extended coverage? 

That’s really up to you. From late April until early October, extended coverage gives us a chance to take evening portraits. In winter weddings it might be less necessary unless you’re up for some after dark portraits, or would like dancing pictures. If your speeches are before your meal we have them covered with standard coverage. 

Can you do video too?
While we have experience with video we only shoot stills at weddings. It's best to have a dedicated professional to shoot your wedding video. We find it hard to imagine that someone could do both at once while maintaining a high standard.

You shoot as a duo, but who is the main photographer?
We are both skilled photographers in our own right and bring equal creativity and skill to your wedding. So there is no assistant or second photographer - we both shoot as if we are the main photographer.

How soon after the wedding will photos be available?
We guarantee photos within 4-6 weeks of your wedding, but depending on the time of year it is generally much sooner. In off season we will usually deliver your photographs within 2-3 weeks. 

Do the final photographs have watermarks?
No. You get all your photos ready to print without watermarks. We also provide web-optimised versions.

Can we share the pictures online?
Yes, absolutely! We only ask two things, 1) give a little link back or credit so people can find us and 2) please, please, please, don't put Instagram filters over them! We spend a lot of time perfecting our edits and hope you like them as they are. 

Can we get enlargements done?
Yes! You can wallpaper your house with the photos!  We love to hear that our couples are printing their pictures.

Can we have a picture with our dog?
Only if he/she is cute. Seriously though, of course you can. 

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Do you photoshop or retouch the images?
Yes, we do colour correction and any obvious fixes without charge before delivering your gallery. Retouching is very time-consuming, so if you require any extra photoshop work we can provide a quote for that.

How much is the deposit and is it refundable? 
Our deposit is £300 and is required to confirm the booking. Deposits aren't refundable but are still valid if you reschedule to a different date.

When is the final balance due?
As we are providing a service, we require full payment before the wedding.

Do you have public liability insurance and indemnity?
Yes, we're fully insured.

Do you provide a written contract?
Yes, we only confirm bookings upon receipt of a contract. This is for your protection as much as ours. 

Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes! We take every step to both respect your privacy and protect your data. 

How long have you been wedding photographers?
We shot our first wedding in 2010 and its been our full-time profession since 2012. 

My wedding is midweek, can you offer us a discount?
We only shoot a limited number of weddings per year and give the same care, attention and effort to each one, regardless of the day it is on. For us, weddings on Wednesdays are the same work as weddings on a Saturday so it wouldn't be fair that we charge a premium to our weekend couples. 

We really love your work but we don't have the budget, is there any room for manoeuvre on prices?
We completely understand you have limited budgets for different parts of your wedding and we know it can add up pretty quickly. We've set our prices honestly, reflecting our experience and ability, which means we can't offer big discounts. 

Are those real axes in that picture?
Yes. They're very real. 

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What information do you need before the wedding?
We send you a short questionnaire to fill in about a month before the wedding. This will give us timings, peoples names and all the addresses we need.

What happens if you are unwell and unable to make it on the day?
We take your wedding very seriously and have never cancelled on a couple. We have a great relationship with many high-end wedding photographers across Ireland who can cover us in the highly unlikely event that we are forced to cancel.  We will ensure that you have someone to cover your day to our high standards and at the same price.

What happens if you die?
We apologise in advance for our deaths. Unfortunately, in the event of our untimely demise, you will be forced to find a replacement photographer yourselves. Please feel free to harass our grieving friends and relatives though. 

What happens if it rains?
We can still get awesome pictures! All you have to do is be a little brave. We're up for going out in the rain if you are. If your day is a complete washout, you can book a post-wedding shoot which allows you to get dressed up again and have a fantastic portrait session in a location of your choice.

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I hate having my photograph taken, can you take photos of us without us knowing?
Why on earth are you booking a photographer then? Only joking. We can think of very few people that would say they love having their photo taken. We hate it ourselves. While we try to make the process as enjoyable as possible, it does require a tiny bit of work from you as well. You will know that we're there, but we'll try to make it fun. Our couples generally comment on how much they enjoyed their portrait session. 

Can my guests take their own pictures?
We're cool with that. We just ask that during the ceremony that nobody jumps out in the aisle when you're arriving/leaving, and that no guests tag along when we're taking portraits. More and more people are opting for 'unplugged' ceremonies where cameras are not allowed. 

My sister's wedding photographer was a complete asshole. Are you assholes?
No, we are not assholes.

Do we have to feed you?
No, we can fend for ourselves. But if your wedding isn't near anywhere we can buy some hot food, it's nice if we can get something to keep us living. We never expect or want a full wedding meal or to be seated with guests - bar food is more than perfect. 

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Can you hold dates?
We operate on a first come first serve basis and I'm afraid we cannot hold dates. If you seem keen to book and we get another enquiry for your date, we will contact you to give you a chance to book first.  

What is the cancellation/postponement policy?
Should you wish to reschedule your wedding, the deposit is transferable to the new date if we are available. In the event of complete cancellation, you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel our services less than four months from the wedding date, the full amount is required as compensation for loss of earnings. 

Will you use my photos for advertising?
We generally only use photos on our website (blog/portfolio) or social media accounts (sneak peek shots after the wedding). Should we want to use your photographs for external advertising, we make sure to ask you first. If you'd rather not have your photos online, just let us know and we'll limit them to your private, password protected gallery. 

Is there an online gallery?
Yes, we pay to have your gallery hosted online for a year after your wedding. It's password protected and private. You can share this with friends and family as well as download pictures and order prints. 

Can you provide albums?
Yes! Brideen designs all of our albums before having them printed with the finest fine-art wedding album suppliers.

What equipment do you use?
We shoot with Sony A7III mirrorless bodies and a mix of Zeiss/Sigma/Sony lenses.  Mirrorless cameras allow us to shoot silently during ceremonies. 

What spare kit do you take – what happens if your camera breaks on the day?
We will have a minimum of 4 cameras and 7 lenses, along with multiple flashes and memory cards. All of our cameras are regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure they're in best working order. 

How will you be dressed?
We will be dressed smartly. If there is a dress code, just let us know in advance. 

Can you add any special effects to the photographs?
We have no idea what this means. Anyone?

Do you charge overtime fees?
No. Our coverage is either up until the first course of your meal is served, or the first dance happens. If you're not having evening entertainment, we can make a custom arrangement.  Should you want extra coverage outside of this, we can provide a custom quote.

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Our wedding is in December. We're thinking of having the ceremony at 3.30pm. Is that mad?
If you want good portraits, yes, it's utterly mad. Seriously though, when you're planning your ceremony time in winter, take into account sunset and travel times. 

Can you provide references?
Have a look at the reviews section on our site to read some of the kind words that couples have said about us. 

Do I have to book very far in advance?
No! While most people book over 6 months in advance, we could shoot a wedding with 24-hour notice if needed. 

Will my wedding be the only one you are shooting on that particular day?
From morning til night you have our undivided attention.

Can you suggest a good camera for under £200?
Use your smartphone. 

I see that Deci is a DJ. Can he play at our reception?
Generally speaking, no, but he knows some fantastic wedding DJs if you need suggestions.

Do you want to go for a pint with us after the wedding?
Hell yeah!