We're just back in the office after Christmas and spent this week looking back on 2013!

The only reason I've gotten through this year's workload & weddings is because I've had Deci on every adventure, shooting alongside me. It's tough going sometimes between shooting, editing & all the other parts that come together to run a business.

Being a team makes everything seem easier to handle. As Sufjan Stevens says, "We can do much more together"  - this doesn't just apply to us, but everyone...

Throughout every wedding day everything is done as a team; friends and family coming together, make-up artists and stylists, venue staff organising, DJs and bands filling the dancefloor... The one thing everyone has in common is that when we do things together it works better.

It's been lovely meeting so many families throughout the year and sharing part of their lives - not only people from Northern Ireland, but the many people that travelled here to celebrate weddings. Everyone has been so welcoming and we've made some great new friends along the way.  We also have to thank our own families and friends for their constant help and understanding.  I torture my Daddy with texts for weather updates and my Mummy provides amazing B&B services when we're shooting weddings back home.

I hope 2014 is full of good health, lots of luck & happiness!