Of course it was all different in my day... all you had to do was stand against a brick wall.  Three clicks later you had your band photograph.  And it was all Black and White back in those days... seriously, try finding a coloured picture of my band.  Things are different now. Bands will lug ornate furniture up into the midge-infested mountains of Ireland in pursuit of a great photograph.

You can mention all sorts of cruel scenarios involving puppies and kittens around Cúig (well, we needed a way to get some serious expressions) but DO NOT mention One Direction. Because they're young and cool, as opposed to the stereotypical bearded, Aran jumper-wearing, pipe-smoking trad bands, Cúig have been christened as the One Direction of Trad - a moniker that they hold mixed feelings about.

It was a pleasure to hang out with these guys.  Here's a sneak peek at some of their promo shots for their new album.