It was in O'Donoghue's bar, Mackenzie was playing the Bodhran while Derby played along on the guitar - they were both singing an Irish folk song between sips of Guinness.  An old Irish lady behind us was confused.  "So he's not Irish and she's not Irish?" She asked. "Nope" came the reply, to which she said "Well they're making a great job of it!"

Mackenzie, Derby and their guests descended on Dublin from all corners of the USA and brought some great weather with them.  Sometimes we forget how amazing Ireland is. Following Mackenzie and Derby through the streets of Dublin, led by a piper, as people stopped to cheer and wish them luck, we found ourselves really appreciating the warmth and humour of Dublin.

We can't help but feel that we've made two great new friends, and that we've yet another excuse to return to NYC.