Just six little words. And probably the most common thing that couples tell us before their wedding, so you're not alone. If we're honest, we don't like having our picture taken and were pretty scared of having our wedding photos taken too. But now we have a fantastic record of our day and wouldn't swap them for anything (thanks, Paula!).

We're pretty sure you will feel different on your wedding day. Why? Because you will look amazing! Seriously, you'll get into your wedding clothes, look in the mirror and think 'Holy shit, I'm pretty damn hot.'  

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Have a look around our website at how the couples look in their portraits. These are all real couples photographed at real weddings. They are not professional models, but they all look like they could be. Most of them had said those six little words to us at some stage before the wedding. 

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Putting people at ease during their portraits is not just part of our job, its something we love. The most satisfying thing is when someone who says they hate having their picture taken, ends up enjoying it. We love the moment that you realise 1) this is piss easy and 2) you look awesome in the pics.  

Just like you (and Chandler Bing), we HATE forced smiles. In all our years of taking wedding pictures we have never uttered the words, "can you smile?" No, if we need you to smile it's up to us to make you smile rather than tell you. With that being said, it's your wedding; being surrounded by all your friends and family while prosecco is flowing, you'll find it difficult not to smile. 

Another six words we hear are: I hope you're good at photoshop. We are good with Photoshop, but you won't need it. No amount of photoshop will adequately fix a portrait taken in crap light and an unflattering pose. We very carefully choose where we take pictures to use the most flattering light as possible. This means no squinting, no awful shadows or weird colour casts. 

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With our style of photography, very little of your wedding will require you to pose. When you're getting ready, getting married, talking to guests, giving speeches, dancing, we will just be capturing things candidly. In fact, you'll probably spend more time posing for guests' smartphone pictures than you will for us. The only time you will need to 'pose' is during formal group shots and for your portraits. 

Formal shots are easy, you just look at our camera, trying to ignore any hoards of guests that might have gathered, and smile.  This part is over quickly, and we try and make it as fun as possible. 

 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland and Destination Simple Tapestry. Wedding Photos at Ballymagarvey Village, Ireland, Guinness, Irish wedding, summer, humanist wedding

For the portraits we require a bit of posing, but not too much.  We like to put you in a place or position that works for us in terms of lighting or backdrop, and from there you can act freely, so everything is as natural as possible. We really have two simple goals with your portraits; to show how much you're in love and to make you look cool as f**k. 

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We love when our couples get super close to each other, but this isn't for everyone. Some like to look at the camera while others prefer not to. The important thing is to do what's comfortable. You're in love, and when you're in love, you like to be close to each other (especially when both of you will look super hot). 

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Unless you have an unplugged wedding where guests are asked not to take pictures, there will be a lot of unofficial photos. They'll mostly be taken with smartphones. Some will be blurry. They'll be taken in all kinds of light. Your mouth could be open, your eyes closed but they'll still get uploaded to social media and shared.

As well as being experienced wedding photographers, curation is a large part of our job. We take a lot of time to weed out any photos that might not be flattering. The final edited pictures are then uploaded to a private gallery that only you have the password to. We only share them on our website/social media with your consent. 

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We shouldn't say this, but it's usually the groom that has the most concerns. And that's ok. Sometimes it's a macho thing where they might worry about their friends slagging them. Other times, its genuine nerves because they've never done anything like this before. We tend to take our portraits away from prying eyes so you won't have an audience watching on. And remember guys, you're not just doing this for yourself, but for your partner. 

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If you're anxious about your wedding pics, you should consider having an engagement shoot. The most common thing we hear after an engagement shoot from those who were nervous beforehand is, 'actually, that wasn’t too bad.' This experience will show you that its easy to have your picture taken, and you'll get more comfortable in front of the camera.

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The best way to approach your wedding photos is to think of it as a little moment together away from all the chaos of the wedding. Some time together to take in what just happened and to have a chat with each other. Looking back you may find it was the least stressful and mentally exhausting part of the day. 

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