Right now, I'm  struggling... I simply can't think of anywhere on earth that I've been that is even close to being as stunning to photograph as Iceland. Never have we experienced such dramatic changes in landscape, weather and light in such a relatively small distance.  It's easy to see why it's become a sort of Mecca for wedding photographers over the past couple of years.

We flew to Iceland on a Monday after making the decision to go only two days earlier. The temptation and opportunity to photograph Laura and Brian on their tour around the country was simply too amazing to pass up. We climbed up volcanos; ventured into steaming caves; walked on frozen lakes; gagged at the sulphur pits; trekked over lava fields; bathed in thermal baths; ate dried fish and popcorn crisps; and when it got dark, we drank beer and red wine while staring for hours at the Northern lights. Iceland is incredible.

If you'd like us to cover your Iceland adventure, be it a wedding, elopement or holiday, please get in touch... two days notice should probably do it!