This week I tagged along with my good friend Andrew as he recorded some videos of his wedding band, The Moonshines, in Mandela Hall, Belfast.  I’ve known Andrew for longer than we both remember (literally - there’s a photograph of when we first met, but being young and, er, ‘happy,’ neither of us can properly recall that night). 

He’s played in bands all that time, as well as performing solo. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with him over the years - he just lives and breathes music and is amazing at what he does.

I knew when Andrew put together a wedding and events band that it would be brilliant.  He joined up with some brilliant musicians and singers and formed the Moonshines and the 77s - Two wedding bands that are very different to each other, but also very different to many of the usual wedding bands. The Moonshines are a rock band with a brass section while the 77s is a two piece featuring Andrew and Rachel (with her AMAZING voice) using loops and all kinds of technological wizardry to produce a massive sound. 

This year Andrew and I  decided to join forces for the Dance Til Tomorrow wedding music project.  I’ve spared the world from my singing and playing though - I’m part of the collective as one of the DJs.  The goal is a simple one: to give couples great music on their wedding that is devoid of cliché and crap.  

The videos will be coming soon to  - check them out if you are looking for a wedding band/DJ, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  It’s been a while since I’ve photographed bands, but here’s some of my pics from behind the scenes.

deci x