One thing we often ask our couples is how they met. We usually get answers that are along the same lines: we met online, we met in a pub (usually the bot), we met in uni. Alison and Steve gave us an answer we'd never heard before... they met at a Eurovision party. Not only that, but they've actually travelled to the Eurovision together! So put on some ABBA, Johnny Logan and Buck's Fizz while you go any further with this blogpost. 

We absolutely love shooting weddings in the heart of Belfast. There are so many great wedding venues, and the Ulster Museum is one of our favourites, nestled on the edge of the Botanic Gardens. With the help of Alice from Best Buds and Zaneta from Blackbird Papercuts, they really made the place their own. 

Look out for a guest appearance from the gorgeous Christine and Xander (yeah, he's gorgeous too) from Navy Blur pulling some amazing shapes on the dancefloor. 

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